Dr Adrian Philbey

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Adrian W. Philbey, Svenia Krause, Ryan Jefferies. 2014. Verminous pneumonia and enteritis due to hyperinfection with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus in a kitten. Journal of Comparative Pathology Vol: 150 Pages: 357-360. More»
  • Adrian Philbey, Henry A. Mather, James F. Gibbons, Hal Thompson, David J. Taylor, John E. Coia. 2014. Serovars, bacteriophage types and antimicrobial sensitivities associated with salmonellosis in dogs in the UK (1954-2012). Veterinary Record Vol: 174 Pages: 94. More»
  • Adrian Philbey, David J. Taylor, Andrew Robb, James F. Gibbons, Richard M. Irvine, Hal Thompson. 2013. Staphylococcal dermatitis/pododermatitis and septicaemia in neonatal puppies. Veterinary Record Vol: 173. More»
  • Adrian W. Philbey, Diana Delgado. 2013. Detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum in red foxes in Scotland. Veterinary Record Vol: 173 Pages: 148. More»
  • Adrian W. Philbey. 2013. More answers needed on congenital portosystemic shunts in dogs and cats. Veterinary Record Vol: 172 Pages: 360-361. More»
  • D. E. F. McKeegan, A. W. Philbey. 2012. Chronic neurophysiological and anatomical changes associated with infrared beak treatment and their implications for laying hen welfare. Animal Welfare Vol: 21 Pages: 207-217. More»
  • A W Philbey, P D Kirkland, A D Ross, R J Davis, A B Gleeson, R J Love, P W Daniels, A R Gould, A D Hyatt. 1998. An apparently new virus (family Paramyxoviridae) infectious for pigs, humans, and fruit bats. Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol: 4 Pages: 269-71. More»
  • A W Philbey, A D Ross, P D Kirkland, R J Love. 2007. Skeletal and neurological malformations in pigs congenitally infected with Menangle virus. Australian veterinary journal Vol: 85 Pages: 134-40. More»
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  • Linda Scobie, Ralph D Hector, Louise Grant, Margaret Bell, Anne A Nielsen, Sharon Meikle, Adrian Philbey, Adrian J Thrasher, Ewan R Cameron, Karen Blyth, James C Neil. 2009. A novel model of SCID-X1 reconstitution reveals predisposition to retrovirus-induced lymphoma but no evidence of gammaC gene oncogenicity. Molecular Therapy Vol: 17 Pages: 1031–1038. More»
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  • Adele Hannigan, Asif M Qureshi, Colin Nixon, Penelope M Tsimbouri, Sarah Jones, Adrian W Philbey, Joanna B Wilson. 2011. Lymphocyte deficiency limits Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 induced chronic inflammation and carcinogenic pathology in vivo. Molecular Cancer Vol: 10 Pages: 11. More»
  • Adrian W Philbey. 2013. Viruses and cancer, cats and cattle: A tribute to Bill Jarrett. Veterinary Journal Vol: 195 Pages: 2-3. More»
  • H. Thompson, A. M. O'Keeffe, J. C. M. Lewis, L. R. Stocker, M. K. Laurenson, Adrian Philbey. 2010. Infectious canine hepatitis in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in the United Kingdom. Veterinary Record Vol: 166 Pages: 111-114. More»