Professor Alan Archibald

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

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  • Lynsey Fairbairn, Ronan Kapetanovic, Dario Beraldi, David P Sester, Chris K Tuggle, Alan L Archibald, David A Hume. 2013. Comparative Analysis of Monocyte Subsets in the Pig. Journal of Immunology Vol: 190 Pages: 6389-6396. More»
  • Carl-Johan Rubin, Hendrik-Jan Megens, Alvaro Martinez Barrio, Khurram Maqbool, Shumaila Sayyab, Doreen Schwochow, Chao Wang, Orjan Carlborg, Patric Jern, Claus B. Jorgensen, Alan L. Archibald, Merete Fredholm, Martien A. M. Groenen, Leif Andersson. 2012. Strong signatures of selection in the domestic pig genome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 19529-19536. More»
  • Tom C Freeman, Alasdair Ivens, J Kenneth Baillie, Dario Beraldi, Mark W Barnett, David Dorward, Alison Downing, Lynsey Fairbairn, Ronan Kapetanovic, Sobia Raza, Andru Tomoiu, Ramiro Alberio, Chunlei Wu, Andrew I Su, Kim M Summers, Christopher K Tuggle, Alan L Archibald, David A Hume. 2012. A gene expression atlas of the domestic pig. BMC Biology Vol: 10. More»
  • Alan L. Archibald, Fioravante De Sapio, Geoff Faulkner, Ronan Kapetanovic and 132 others. 2012. Analyses of pig genomes provide insight into porcine demography and evolution. Nature Vol: 491 Pages: 393-398. More»
  • H. Noyes, A. Brass, I. Obara, S. Anderson, A. L. Archibald, P. F. Bradley, P. Fisher, A. Freeman, J. Gibson, M. Gicheru, L. Hall, O. Hanotte, H. Hulme, D. McKeever, C. Murray, S. J. Oh, C. Tate, K. Smith, M. Tapio, J. Wambugu, D. J. Williams, M. Agaba, Stephen Kemp. 2011. Genetic and expression analysis of cattle identifies candidate genes in pathways responding to Trypanosoma congolense infection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 108 Pages: 9304-9309. More»