Alistair McVittie

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I am an environmental economist with research interests in the evaluation of agricultural and environmental policy, particularly through the application of cost benefit analysis and non-market valuation. Recent work has included the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Quantitative Assessment and inputs into ‘TEEB for Business’ chapter 2; refining and updating the environmental accounts for agriculture; and the development of marginal abatement cost curves for agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Selected Publications

  • Moran D, Macleod M, Wall E, Eory V, McVittie A, Barnes A, Rees R, Topp CFE and Moxey A (2011) Marginal Abatement Cost Curves for UK Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 62(1): 93-118, first published online 27 August 2010
  • Moran D, MacLeod M, Wall E, V Eory, A McVittie, A Barnes, R.M. Rees, C F.E. Topp, G Pajot, R Matthews, P Smith and A Moxey 2011. Developing carbon budgets for UK agriculture, land-use, land-use change and forestry out to 2022. Climatic Change 105(3-4): 529-553
  • McVittie A, Moran D and Elston D (2010) Public Preferences for Rural Policy Reform: Evidence from Scottish Surveys, Regional Studies, 44(5): 609-626, First published on: 29 June 2009 (First)
  • McVittie A and Moran D (2010) Valuing the non-use benefits of marine conservation zones: an application to the UK Marine Bill, Ecological Economics 70(2): 413-424
  • Moran D, McVittie A, Sayadi S and Parra-Lopez C (2010) The demand side of rural amenity: definition and valuation methods, in Oskam A, Meester G and Silvis H (eds) EU policy for agriculture food and rural areas, Wageningen Academic Publishers
  • MacLeod M, Moran D, Eory V, Rees R.M., Barnes A, Topp C.F.E., Ball B, Hoad S, Wall E, McVittie A, Pajot G, Matthews R, Smith P, Moxey A (2010) Developing greenhouse gas marginal abatement costs curves for agricultural emissions from crops and soils in the UK Agricultural Systems 103  198-209
  • Moran, D.,  Alistair McVittie, David Allcroft, and David Elston (2007) Quantifying Public preferences for agri-environmental policy in Scotland: A comparison of methods. Ecological Economics 63:42-53. Full Text
  • Moran D, Tressider E and McVittie A (2006) Estimating the recreational value of mountain biking sites in Scotland using count data models, Tourism Economics 12(1): 123-135
  • Moran D, Hall C and McVittie A (2004) What does the public want from agriculture and the countryside?   A review of evidence and methods, Journal of Rural Studies 20 211-225