Dr Andrea Doeschl-Wilson

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Research in the Doeschl-Wilson group focuses on the development of mathematical models and computational tools that enhance our understanding how the genetics of individuals and diverse non-genetic factors together influence the dynamics of infectious diseases and their impact on the health and performance of individuals and of entire livestock populations. We use these tools to

  • DESIGN infection experiments and sampling strategies that let us detect the genetic signal from disease and performance data.
  • IDENTIFY individuals or genomic regions associated with high genetic resistance or tolerance to infections, or high genetic risk for transmitting infections (infectivity).
  • PREDICT the impact of genetic and non-genetic control strategies on future disease prevalence and pathogen evolution.

We use a wide range of modelling techniques that combine methods from mathematical dynamical systems theory, Bayesian statistics, and quantitative genetics.

Applications include virus infections in pigs (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, PRRS) and chicken (Marek’s disease), gastro-intestinal parasite infections in sheep, bacterial infections in cattle (bovine Tuberculosis), to virus and protozoa infections in fish.   We also apply mathematical tools to study genetic effects and group dynamics underlying aggressive behaviour in pigs.

Questions we are particularly interested in:

  • Should we aim for genetic improvement in host resistance or tolerance to infectious disease?
  • Are there disease superspreaders in the population and to what extent is superspreading genetically determined?
  • Can we identify individuals with high genetic risk for becoming infected or spreading infections a priori, based on their genetic make-up?
  • To what extent does vaccination with partially protective vaccines reduce disease transmission and pathogen evolution?
  • How can selective breeding help to control infectious disease and minimise its impact on livestock production?

We collaborate with researchers and industry partners in the UK, across Europe, USA and Canada, Australia and Africa. 

Selected Publications

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