Dr Andrew Gill

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Dr Gill’s core research focuses on defining how modifications to the primary and secondary structures of the prion protein contribute to prion protein function, prion protein structure and to the prion diseases that result when the prion protein misfolds. Dr Gill has defined specific structural motifs in the N-terminal region of the prion protein, a region previously thought to be unstructured, and contributed to the first crystal structure of recombinant prion protein. Recently, work has focussed on determining effects of polymorphisms of the prion gene on structural properties of the protein, based on assays to assess the propensity of protein to misfold. By assessing how cellular fractions aid the misfolding process, Dr Gill has identified subsets of molecules that potentially represent prion protein misfolding cofactors; one such cofactor is linked to prion protein function. Dr Gill is also interested in the normal function of the prion protein and in defining the repertoire of proteins whose expression levels depend on correct prion protein expression. A feature of Dr Gill's research is the application of diverse biochemical assays as well as multiple molecular dynamics simulations to understand protein structure. Dr Gill’s graduate training was in protein analysis by mass spectrometry, thereby initiating a long standing interest in the application of mass spectrometric and proteomic methods to the analysis of protein structure in general. As such, Dr Gill retains an interest in the application of mass spectrometric techniques to understand protein structure and interactions. More recently, Dr Gill has widened the use of mass spectrometric methods in biochemical analysis to encompass quantitation of specific metabolites in animal tissues.

Selected Publications

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