Dr Andy Law

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

My group works to develop tools and resources for biologists to use in their research exploring the genome and the genetics and genomics of complex traits in farmed and companion animals. Examples of our work include the ArkDBdatabase system and the resSpecies system which hold information pertaining to published genetic linkage maps and provide a means of handling raw experimental data from genetic linkage mapping, QTL mapping and association studies.

Selected Publications

  • Trevor Paterson, Andy Law. 2013. ArkMAP: integrating genomic maps across species and data sources. BMC Bioinformatics Vol: 14. More»
  • T. Paterson, A. Law. 2012. JEnsembl: a version-aware Java API to Ensembl data systems. Bioinformatics Vol: 28 Pages: 2724-2731. More»
  • Trevor Paterson, Martin Graham, Jessie Kennedy, Andy Law. 2012. VIPER: a visualisation tool for exploring inheritance inconsistencies in genotyped pedigrees. BMC Bioinformatics Vol: 13 Pages: 1-16. More»
  • Jan Aerts, Andy Law. 2009. An introduction to scripting in Ruby for biologists. BMC Bioinformatics Vol: 10. More»
  • T. Paterson, A. Law. 2011. GENOTYPECHECKER: an interactive tool for checking the inheritance consistency of genotyped pedigrees. Animal Genetics Vol: 42 Pages: 560-562. More»
  • Samantha Wilkinson, P. Wiener, A.L. Archibald, A. Law, R.D. Schnabel, S.D. McKay, J.F. Taylor, Rob Ogden. 2011. Evaluation of approaches for identifying population informative markers from high density SNP Chips. BMC Genetics Vol: 12. More»