Dr Bob Dalziel

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Aayesha Riaz, Inga Dry, C Levy, John Hopkins, Finn Grey, Darren Shaw, Robert Dalziel. 2014. Ovine herpesvirus-2 encoded microRNAs target virus genes involved in virus latency. Journal of General Virology Vol: 95 Pages: 472-480. More»
  • King S. Nalubamba, Anton G. Gossner, Robert G. Dalziel, John Hopkins. 2008. Differential expression of pattern recognition receptors during the development of foetal sheep. Developmental and Comparative Immunology Vol: 32 Pages: 869-874. More»
  • Stephen J. Medhurst, Sue D. Collins, Andy Billinton, Sharon Bingham, Robert G. Dalziel, Amanda Brass, Jennifer C. Roberts, Andrew D. Medhurst, Iain P. Chessell. 2008. Novel histamine H-3 receptor antagonists GSK 189254 and GSK 334429 are efficacious in surgically-induced and virally-induced rat models of neuropathic pain. Pain Vol: 138 Pages: 61-69. More»
  • King Nalubamba, Jennifer Smeed, Anton Gossner, Craig Watkins, Robert Dalziel, John Hopkins. 2008. Differential expression of pattern recognition receptors in the three pathological forms of sheep paratuberculosis. Microbes and Infection Vol: 10 Pages: 598-604. More»
  • C.S. Levy, J. Hopkins, G.C. Russell, R. Dalziel. 2012. Novel virus-encoded microRNA molecules expressed by ovine herpesvirus 2 immortalized bovine T cells. Journal of General Virology Vol: 93 Pages: 150-154. More»
  • H.C. Stevens, C. Fiskerstrand, V.J. Bubb, R. Dalziel, J.P. Quinn. 2009. A regulatory domain spanning the repeat sequence RE1 from herpes simplex virus type 1 has cell specific differential functions in trigeminal neurons and fibroblasts. FEBS Letters Vol: 583 Pages: 3335-3338. More»
  • T. Leenadevi, R.G. Dalziel. 2009. The alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 ORF 57 encodes a nuclear shuttling protein. Veterinary Research Communications Vol: 33 Pages: 409-419. More»