Professor Bob Rees

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I am Head of SRUC’s Carbon Management Centre, and a Professor in Agriculture and Climate Change. I am also a soil and environmental scientist, with research interests in greenhouse gas measurement and mitigation in agricultural systems.

I have significant involvement in EU funded research programmes, co-ordinating Legume-Futures an EU Framework project on the role of legumes in farming systems, and participates in the Animal Change project.

I have over 100 peer reviewed research publications, and am a leading scientist (as Work Package Leader) in the Agricultural UK Greenhouse Gas Platform programme aimed at improving the reporting and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from UK agriculture and MinNo, a research programme studying the intensity of nitrous oxide emissions from UK arable cropping.

I am Assistant Editor for the journal Soil Use and Management, and an advisor on several international research programmes.

PhD Students

Selected Publications

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