Professor Bruce McGorum

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Claire Stratford, H Lester, Bruce McGorum, Kirstie Pickles, Jacqueline Matthews. 2012. Investigation of anthelmintic efficacy against strongyles on equine yards in Scotland.. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Vol: 26 Pages: 431-432. More»
  • SinĂ©ad Lyons, Amit Kapoor, Colin Sharp, Bradley S Schneider, Nathan D Wolfe, Geoff Culshaw, Brendan Corcoran, Bruce C McGorum, Peter Simmonds. 2012. Nonprimate hepaciviruses in domestic horses, United kingdom. Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol: 18 Pages: 1976-82. More»
  • H.R. Shotton, J. Lincoln, B.C. McGorum. 2011. Effects of Equine Grass Sickness on Sympathetic Neurons in Prevertebral and Paravertebral Ganglia. Journal of Comparative Pathology Vol: 145 Pages: 35-44. More»
  • C.H. Lyle, F.A. Uzal, B.C. McGorum, H. Aida, K.J. Blissitt, J.T. Case, J.T. Charles, I. Gardner, N. Horadagoda, K. Kusano, K. Lam, J.D. Pack, T.D. Parkin, R.F. Slocombe, B.D. Stewart, Lisa Boden. 2011. Sudden death in racing Thoroughbred horses: An international multicentre study of post mortem findings. Equine Veterinary Journal Vol: 43 Pages: 324-331. More»