Professor Bruce Whitelaw

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

My group investigates the molecular events that accompany changes in the expression status of genes in mammals. We aim to develop and exploit gene transfer technology to investigate differentiation in mammals and exemplify the use of this technology through the generation of animal models of human disease, novel in vivo screening resources, and animals more able to combat infectious disease.

This work will advance our understanding of how cellular signals integrate to allow tissues to work normally in the whole animal, while identifying routes to intervene when normal development is perturbed through disease. We aim to exploit this knowledge to develop innovative biotechnological solutions to combat infectious disease in animals, evaluate new treatments of human disease through transgenic animal models, and establish efficient protein production systems in animals.

Selected Publications

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  • Daniel F Carlson, Spring Tan, Simon G Lillico, Dana Stverakova, Christopher Proudfoot, Michelle Christian, Daniel F Voytas, Charles R Long, C Bruce A Whitelaw, Scott C Fahrenkrug. 2012. Efficient TALEN-mediated gene knockout in livestock. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 17382-7. More»
  • C. Sartori, A.I. Didomenico, A.J. Thomson, E. Milne, S.G. Lillico, T.G. Burdon, C.B. Whitelaw. 2012. Ovine-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Can Contribute to Chimeric Lambs. Cellular Reprogramming Vol: 14 Pages: 8-19. More»
  • Andreas F Kolb, Reinhard C Huber, Simon G Lillico, Ailsa Carlisle, Claire J Robinson, Claire Neil, Linda Petrie, Dorte B Sorensen, I Anna S Olsson, C Bruce A Whitelaw. 2011. Milk Lacking α-Casein Leads to Permanent Reduction in Body Size in Mice. PLoS One Vol: 6. More»
  • W. A. Ritchie, T. King, Claire Neil, Ailsa Carlisle, Simon Lillico, G. McLachlan, C. B. Whitelaw. 2009. Transgenic sheep designed for transplantation studies. Molecular Reproduction and Development Vol: 76 Pages: 61-64. More»