Professor Bryan Griffiths

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

Soil biology; soil microbial ecology; nematology; rhizosphere interactions; microbial processes in soil nutrient cycling

Research Projects

  • FP7 AMIGA - Assessing and Monitoring Impacts of Genetically modified plants on Agroecosystems
  • FP7 END-O-SLUDG - Marketable sludge derivatives from sustainable processing of wastewater in a highly integrated treatment plant
  • FP7 EcoFINDERS - Ecological function and biodiversity indicators in European soils
  • RESAS Theme 3 The soil, water & air interface and its response to climate and land use change
  • DairyCO - Managing the impact of grassland on nitrous oxide emissions through improved understanding of soil microbial communities

PhD Students

  • Celine Delabre - Enhancing the soil food web to control soil dwelling pests of field vegetables
  • Mark Swaine - Managing the impact of grassland nitrous oxide emissions through improved understanding of soil microbial communities

    Selected Publications

    • SMIT, E., BAKKER, P.A.H.M., BERGMANS, H., BLOEM, J., GRIFFITHS, B.S., RUTGERS, M., SANVIDO, O., SINGH, B.K., VAN VEEN, H., WILHELM, R. and  GLANDORF, D.C.M. (2012) General Surveillance of the soil ecosystem: An approach to monitoring unexpected adverse effects of GMO’s. Ecological Indicators 14: 107–113
    • DONN, S., NEILSON, R., GRIFFITHS, B.S. and DANIELL, T.J. (2012) A novel molecular approach for rapid assessment of soil nematode assemblages – variation, validation and potential applications. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 12-23
    • HUANG, J., LIU, M., CHEN, F., GRIFFITHS, B.S., CHEN, X., JOHNSON S.N. and HU, F. (2012) Crop resistance traits modify the effects of an aboveground herbivore, brown planthopper, on soil microbial biomass and nematode community via changes to plant performance. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 49: 157-166
    • TAO, J., WEI, G., GRIFFITHS, B., XIAOJINH, L., YINGJUN, X. and HUA, Z. (2012) Maize residue application reduces negative effects of soil salinity on the growth and reproduction of the earthworm Aporrectodea trapezoides, in a soil mesocosm experiment. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 49: 46-51
    • LIU, M., CHEN, X., GRIFFITHS, B.S., HUANG, Q., LI, H. and HU, F. (2012) Dynamics of nematode assemblages and soil function in adjacent restored and degraded soil following disturbance. European Journal of Soil Biology 49: 37-46
    • GRIFFITHS, B.S., DANIELL, T.J., DONN, S. and NEILSON, R. (2012) Bioindication potential of using molecular characterisation of the nematode community: Response to tillage. European Journal of Soil Biology 49: 92-97
    • GRIFFITHS, B.S., SPILLES, A. and BONKOWSKI, M. (2012) C:N:P stoichiometry and nutrient limitation of the soil microbial biomass in a grazed grassland site under experimental P limitation or excess. Ecological Processes 2012, 1:6 doi:10.1186/2192-1709-1-6
    • GRIFFITHS, B.S. and PHILIPPOT, L. (2012) Insights into the resistance and resilience of the soil microbial community. FEMS Microbiology Reviews (2012) 1–18 DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6976.2012.00343.x
    • FERRIS,H.,  GRIFFITHS,B.S.,  PORAZINSKA,D.L.,  POWERS,T.O., WANG,K-H. and  TENUTA, M. (2012). Reflections on plant and soil nematode ecology: past, present and future. Journal of Nematology 44: 115-126

    Further Information

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