Professor Cathy Dwyer

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I have a long-standing research interest in maternal behaviour, mother-offspring interactions and offspring development, which has involved research in a variety of large and small animal models (sheep, pigs, horses, cattle, mice and guinea pigs).

This research has been focused on applied questions: initially looking at the impact of maternal undernutrition in pregnancy on muscle development during my PhD, and more recently concentrating on impacts of environmental and genetic factors in neonatal survival and development.

Current research areas include the impact of early life events on behavioural development and stress responsiveness in sheep, the potential to select animals for improved lamb vigour and survival, and the consequences of a difficult birth for subsequent health and welfare in cattle and sheep.

Alongside the more applied aspects of this area I have also investigated more strategic questions: the role of physiological and neuroendocrine factors in mediating individual differences in maternal behaviour; the impact of variation in maternal care on offspring behavioural development and the physiology of foetal and neonatal development.

An emerging research area is the welfare of extensively managed animals, which has been relatively neglected in comparison to intensively managed animals. This has focused mainly on sheep, and the ability to identify welfare problems and understand the welfare needs of this species. Current research in this area includes a collaborative project (funded by EU and Scottish Government) to develop methods and protocols to assess on farm welfare in sheep, and a project to investigate ways to reduce pain during husbandry procedures.

Selected Publications

  • Dwyer, C.M. Maternal behaviour and lamb survival: From neuroendocrinology to practical application. Animal (in press)
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