Professor Cheryl Ashworth

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Central to much of the research conducted by this group is the principal that events occurring while the oocyte is developing in the ovary and during the early stages of embryo development affect the integrity of all tissues and organs of the body, contributing to the future health and performance of the animal, thereby ensuring health and optimising productivity.

Current research projects are investigating the effects of altered pre-conception and prenatal nutrition, prenatal stress and genotype on ovarian follicular fluid composition, feto-placental function and the development of key organ systems in offspring.

A major area of current research involves understanding the contribution of the uterus and the placenta to foetal growth restriction in the pig.

Selected Publications

  • Silvia C Hernandez, Charis O Hogg, Yvon Billon, Marie-Pierre Sanchez, Jean-Pierre Bidanel, Christopher S Haley, Alan L Archibald, Cheryl J Ashworth. 2013. Secreted Phosphoprotein 1 Expression in Endometrium and Placental Tissues of Hyperprolific Large White and Meishan Gilts. Biology of Reproduction Vol: 88. More»
  • Cheryl J. Ashworth, Margaret O. Nwagwu, Harry J. McArdle. 2012. Genotype and fetal size affect maternal--fetal amino acid status and fetal endocrinology in Large White × Landrace and Meishan pigs. Reproduction, Fertility and Development Vol: 25 Pages: 439-445. More»
  • Cheryl J Ashworth, Charis O Hogg, Cindy W F Hoeks, Ramona D Donald, W Colin Duncan, Alistair B Lawrence, Kenny M D Rutherford. 2011. Pre-natal social stress and post-natal pain affect the developing pig reproductive axis. Reproduction Vol: 142 Pages: 907-914. More»
  • C.J. Ashworth, C.M. Dwyer, K. McIlvaney, M. Werkman, J.A. Rooke. 2011. Breed differences in fetal and placental development and feto-maternal amino acid status following nutrient restriction during early and mid pregnancy in Scottish Blackface and Suffolk sheep. Reproduction, Fertility and Development Vol: 23 Pages: 1024-1033. More»