Dr Darren Shaw

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

I am principally interested in the comparative epidemiology of parasitic and infectious diseases as part a long standing interest in analysing patterns of disease as well as general population dynamics. These diseases include wildlife disease (parasitic infections of wildlife, zoonoses and the role of carnivores as sentinels for disease, Dermocystid infections in palmate newts, Leprosy in red squirrels), and diseases of veterinary and medical importance (TB, FMD, influenza Camplyobacter, Escherichia coli, mastitis, production animal gastrointestinal infections). I also work closely with clinical colleagues on various aspects of animal health (e.g. equine grass sickness, recovery from surgery and cardiology, bovine energy inbalance, feline cardiology and neurology). Outwith disease I collaborate with medical colleagues looking at the relationship between sun exposure and lifespan, and am part of an adhoc multicentre project looking at how geology and genetics can inform each other with regard to understanding the geological and evolutionary changes on SE Asia islands. I also have PhD students using mixed method approaches to study perceptions of pain in animals and non-verbal patients by veterinary and medical students, and perceptions of animal welfare in zoo staff in Europe and China.

Selected Publications

  • Caterina Fiegna, Charlotte L. Clarke, Darren Shaw, Johanna Baily, Frances C. Clare, Alexandra Gray, Trenton W. J. Garner, Anna Meredith. 2017. Pathological and Phylogenetic characterisation of Amphibiothecum sp. infection in an isolated amphibian (Lissotriton helveticus) population on the island of Rum (Scotland). Parasitology Vol: 144 Pages: 484-496. More»
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  • C E Wylie, D J Shaw, K L P Verheyen, J R Newton. 2016. Decision-tree analysis of clinical data to aid diagnostic reasoning for equine laminitis: a cross-sectional study. Veterinary Record Vol: 178 Pages: 420. More»
  • Claire Wylie, Darren Shaw, Fiona Fordyce, Alan Lilly, Robert Pirie, Bruce McGorum. 2016. Equine grass sickness in Scotland: A case-control study of environmental geochemical risk factors. Equine Veterinary Journal Vol: 48 Pages: 779-785. More»
  • Jasmin K Paris, Sheila Wills, Hans-Jörg Balzer, Darren J Shaw, Danièlle A Gunn-Moore. 2014. Enteropathogen co-infection in UK cats with diarrhoea. BMC Veterinary Research Vol: 10. More»
  • Anna Meredith, Sarah Cleaveland, M. J. Denwood, Jeremy Brown, Darren Shaw. 2015. Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) seroprevalence in prey and predators in the United kingdom: evaluation of infection in wild rodents, foxes and domestic cats using a modified ELISA. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases Vol: 62 Pages: 639-649. More»
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