Professor David Argyle

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

The Comparative Oncology and Stem Cell Research Group is a multidisciplinary team that draws its expertise from both clinical and laboratory trained staff and is further augmented by collaborations within the Edinburgh area research community (University of Edinburgh cancer research centre, The Roslin Institute) the USA and EU. Our approach to the integration of laboratory and clinical research make us well placed to carry out high quality translational studies. Many of the group members are also faculty members of theĀ Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Selected Publications

  • Manikhandan A. V. Mudaliar, Ross D. Haggart, Gino Miele, Grant Sellar, Karen Tan, John Goodlad, Elspeth Milne, David M. Vail, Ilene Kurzman, Daniel Crowther, David J. Argyle. 2013. Comparative Gene Expression Profiling Identifies Common Molecular Signatures of NF-kappa B Activation in Canine and Human Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL). PLoS ONE Vol: 8. More»
  • Lisa Pang, Emma Gattenby, Ayako Kamido, Bruce Whitelaw, Ted Hupp, David Argyle. 2014. Global gene expression analysis of canine osteosarcoma stem cells reveals a novel role for COX-2 in tumour initiation. PLoS ONE Vol: 9. More»
  • L Y Pang, Thalia Blacking, R W Else, A Sherman, H M Sang, B A Whitelaw, T R Hupp, D J Argyle. 2013. Feline mammary carcinoma stem cells are tumorigenic, radioresistant, chemoresistant and defective in activation of the ATM/p53 DNA damage pathway. Veterinary Journal Vol: 196 Pages: 414-423. More»
  • Yu-Ting Chen, Karen Tan, Lisa Y. Pang, David J. Argyle. 2012. The class I PI3K/Akt pathway is critical for cancer cell survival in dogs and offers an opportunity for therapeutic intervention. BMC Veterinary Research Vol: 8 Pages: -. More»
  • H. Wilson, M. Huelsmeyer, R. Chun, K. M. Young, K. Friedrichs, D. J. Argyle. 2008. Isolation and characterisation of cancer stem cells from canine osteosarcoma. Veterinary Journal Vol: 175 Pages: 69-75. More»