Professor Dominic Moran

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I am an applied economist specialising in the areas of environmental and resource economics and policy analysis in developed and developing countries.

My research focuses on applying economics to environmental management and the development of interdisciplinary approaches to resource allocation problems. I have particular interest in measurement of public preferences for environmental change and their use in policy making. Related interests include: environmental valuation methods for cost-benefit analysis for public policy (regulation); applications to water, energy, forestry and biological diversity, transportation, environmental/industrial competition and regulation, economic instruments for pollution control, health economics, climate change, the environment and the macroeconomy.

The majority of my work at SRUC has addressed the issue of public goods provision from agriculture and rural land use. This encompasses the demand and supply of environmental amenity, environmental quality and diversity, animal health and welfare.  Recent projects have also encompassed rural cohesion (service provision) and research prioritisation.

1989 BA Economics with Modern Languages. Stirling University
1990 MA (Econ). Agricultural Economics. Manchester University
1997 PhD Economics (Environment and Resource Economics), University College London

PhD Students

  • Peter Alexander - Economics of the perennial energy crop market
  • Irina Arakelyan - Climate change mitigation and rural livelihoods in Malawi
  • Ruth Dittrich - Climate change adaptation and mitigation in the livestock sector
  • Nazli Koseoglu - Re-evaluation of water resources in Scotland
  • Frank Koslowski - Marginal Abatement Cost for the European dairy and Chinese agricultural sector
  • Rafael Silva - Modelling sustainable intensification in Brazilian agriculture: integrating crop livestock systems with emissions mitigation

Selected Publications

  • Moran, D.,  A. Lucas and A. Barnes (2013) Mitigation win-win, Nature Climate Change, July 2013 Volume 3 Number 7 pp 611-613, doi:10.1038/nclimate1922
  • Eory, V. K. Topp, D. Moran (2012)  Multiple-pollutant cost-effectiveness of greenhouse gas mitigation measures in the UK agriculture,   Environmental Science and Policy 27, 55-67
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