Professor Eddie Clutton

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Selected Publications

  • Douglas B Murray, Michael Eddleston, Simon Thomas, Robert D Jefferson, Adrian Thompson, Mick Dunn, Daniel S Vidler, R Eddie Clutton, Peter G Blain. 2012. Rapid and Complete Bioavailability of Antidotes for Organophosphorus Nerve Agent and Cyanide Poisoning in Minipigs After Intraosseous Administration. Annals of Emergency Medicine Vol: 60 Pages: 424-430. More»
  • R Eddie Clutton, Kosala Dissanayake, Holly Lawson, Keith Simpson, Adrian Thompson, Michael Eddleston. 2013. The construction and evaluation of a device for mechanomyography in anaesthetized Göttingen minipigs. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Vol: 40 Pages: 134-41. More»
  • E. Vettorato, M. E. Chase-Topping, R. E. Clutton. 2010. A comparison of four systems for scoring recovery quality after general anaesthesia in horses. Equine Veterinary Journal Vol: 42 Pages: 400-406. More»
  • R. E Clutton. 2010. Opioid Analgesia in Horses. Veterinary Clinics of North America, Equine Practice Vol: 26 Pages: 493-514. More»
  • Philip N Newsome, Neil C Henderson, Leonard J Nelson, Costas Dabos, Celine Filippi, Christopher Bellamy, Forbes Howie, Richard E Clutton, Tim King, Alistair Lee, Peter C Hayes, John Plevris. 2010. Development of an invasively monitored porcine model of acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure. BMC gastroenterology Vol: 10. More»
  • M. Eddleston, J. M. Street, I. Self, A. Thompson, T. King, N. Williams, G. Naredo, K. Dissanayake, L. M. Yu, F. Worek, H. John, S. Smith, H. Thiermann, J. B. Harris, R. E. Clutton. 2012. A role for solvents in the toxicity of agricultural organophosphorus pesticides. Toxicology Vol: 294 Pages: 94-103. More»
  • Louise Clark, R. Eddie Clutton, Karen J. Blissitt, Margo E. Chase-Topping. 2008. The effects of morphine on the recovery of horses from halothane anaesthesia. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Vol: 35 Pages: 22-29. More»