Dr Faical Akaichi

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I am a research economist and member of the Food Marketing Research team since 2012.

I obtained my PhD in Agricultural Economics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain in 2010. The dissertation’s title is “The Use of Incentive Compatible Experiments to Value Differentiated Food Products: Some Theoretical and Empirical Evidences from Single and Multi-Unit Auctions”.

In addition, I have a MSc in Applied Economics from the University of Barcelona (2007), a MSc in Food Marketing from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute at Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM) (2004-05), and an engineer’s degree in Rural Economics at the Ecole Supérieur  d’Agriculture de Mograne (2003). Before joining SRUC, I worked as a research assistant (2009-2010) and a postdoctoral fellow (2011-2012) at the University of Arkansas (USA).

Research Interests

My main areas of research are: Agricultural economics, food marketing and experimental economics. I am specialized in consumers’ preferences and demand analysis, consumer research methods (e.g., experimental auctions, choice experiments) and econometric modelling.

Selected Publications

  • Akaichi, F., R. M. Nayga, Jr. and J. Gil. (2014). “Demand reduction in multi-unit auctions with varying number of bidders and units”. Economics Letters 124: 443-445
  • Akaichi, F., R. M. Nayga, Jr. and J. Gil. (2014). “Effect of Price-Discount Distribution in Multi-Unit Price Promotions on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay, Sales Value, and Retailers’ Revenue”. Agribusiness: an International Journal. In press, DOI: 10.1002/agr.21389
  • Akaichi, F., and C. Revoredo-Giha. (2014). “Demand for Dairy products in Malawi” African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 9(3): 214-225
  • Akaichi, F., R. M. Nayga, Jr. and J. Gil. (2013). “Are Results from Non-Hypothetical Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis and Non-Hypothetical Recoded-Ranking Conjoint Analysis Similar?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95 (4): 949-963
  • Akaichi, F., J. Gil, and R. M. Nayga, Jr. (2012). “Assessing Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Different Units of Organic Milk: Evidence From Multi-unit Auctions”. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 60:  469-494
  • Akaichi, F., R. M. Nayga, Jr. and J. Gil. (2012). “Initial Endowment Effect in Multi-Unit Auctions.” Advances in Management and Applied Economics 2(4): 41-55
  • Akaichi, F., J. Gil and R. M. Nayga, Jr. (2012). “Assessing the Market Potential for Local Food Product: Evidence from a Non-Hypothetical Economic Experiment.” British Food Journal, 114(9): 19-39
  • Lawless, L., R. M. Nayga Jr, F. Akaichi, J-F. Meullenet, R. Threlfall, and L. Howard, Luke. (2012). "Willingness-to-Pay for a Nutraceutical-Rich Juice Blend."  Journal of sensory Studies 27: 375-383
  • Akaichi, F., R. M. Nayga, Jr. and F., J. Gil. (2011). “On the Use of Multi-unit Auctions in Measuring Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for food products”. Advances in Consumer Research 39: 311-317
  • Akaichi, F., J. Gil, and R. M. Nayga, Jr. (2011). “A Note on Bid Affiliation in Repeated Random Nth Price Auction.” Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 9(1): 22-27