Professor Gary Entrican

The Moredun Research Institute

Research Interests

Investigation of innate and adaptive immune responses to Chlamydia abortus infection for implementation of disease prevention and control. Scottish GovernmentRESAS Programme Funding, Theme 6 (2011-16).

The Network for Animal Disease Infectiology Research Facilities (NADIR). European Commission (2008-2013). EU FP7 Infrastructure and Networking project, 15 participating partners. Other Moredun Investigators: Dr Keith Ballingall and Dr Colin McInnes.

The route to identification of immune correlates of protection in ruminants. BBSRC/Bio-Rad AbD Serotec IPA award (2012-2015). Collaborative Project with The Roslin Institute at University of Edinburgh (Prof Liz Glass and Dr Jayne Hope. Other Moredun Investigators: Dr Colin McInnes and Sean Wattegedera.  

Inflammasome activation in ruminant cells infected withChlamydia abortus. BBSRC/Zoetis CASE PhD Studentship (Laura Doull) within EBRC and University of Edinburgh (2011-15). Collaborative project with Roslin Institute (Prof Liz Glass).

Neonatal vaccination: role for innate immune cell interactions in BCG vaccination. BBSRC/Zoetis CASE PhD Studentship (Carly Hamilton) within EBRC and University of Edinburgh. Collaborative project with Roslin Institute (Dr Jayne Hope). 

The Role of Dendritic Cells in the Pathogenesis of Bluetongue. WB Martin PhD Studentship (Eleonora Melzi) between Moredun and University of Glasgow (2012-2015). Collaborative project with University of Glasgow (Prof Massimo Palmarini). Other Moredun Investigator: Dr Mara Rocchi.

Activation of immune responses using ovine lentivirus vaccine vectors. Moredun Scientific PhD Studentship (Rebecca McLean) led by Dr David Griffiths (Moredun) and collaborative with University of Edinburgh (Dr Jayne Hope) (2013-2016).

Does Chlamydia trachomatis infection have a causative role in miscarriage? Tommy’s Studentship (Sevasti Giakoumelou) with University of Edinburgh (2012-2015). Collaborative Project with QMRI, University of Edinburgh (Dr Andrew Horne and Prof Sarah Howie).

Selected Publications

  • Nick Wheelhouse, Sean Wattegedera, James Stanton, Stephen Maley, Donna Watson, Catherine Jepson, David Deane, David Buxton, David Longbottom, Tim Baszler, Gary Entrican. 2009. Ovine trophoblast is a primary source of TNFalpha during Chlamydophila abortus infection. Journal of Reproductive Immunology Vol: 80 Pages: 49-56. More»
  • David Longbottom, Morag Livingstone, Stephen Maley, Arjan van der Zon, Mara Rocchi, Kim Wilson, Nicholas Wheelhouse, Mark Dagleish, Kevin Aitchison, Sean Wattegedera, Mintu Nath, Gary Entrican, David Buxton. 2013. Intranasal infection with Chlamydia abortus induces dose-dependent latency and abortion in sheep. PLoS ONE Vol: 8. More»
  • Julie L. V. Shaw, Gillian S. Wills, Kai-Fai Lee, Paddy J. Horner, Myra O. McClure, Vikki M. Abrahams, Nick Wheelhouse, Henry N. Jabbour, Hilary O. D. Critchley, Gary Entrican, Andrew W. Horne. 2011. Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Increases Fallopian Tube PROKR2 via TLR2 and NFκB Activation Resulting in a Microenvironment Predisposed to Ectopic Pregnancy. American Journal of Pathology Vol: 178 Pages: 253-260. More»
  • S. Wattegedera, M. Rocchi, J. Sales, C.J. Howard, J.C. Hope, Gary Entrican. 2008. Antigen-specific peripheral immune responses are unaltered during normal pregnancy in sheep. Journal of Reproductive Immunology Vol: 77 Pages: 171-178. More»