Professor Geoff Simm

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I lead SRUC’s research activity, which spans land economy, environment and society, farming systems, crop and soil science and animal and veterinary science.

My own research interests are in the sustainable use of farm animal genetic resources, especially the choice of appropriate breeding goals and selection criteria, understanding the biological, economic and environmental consequences of selection.

I have a longstanding research interest in incorporating health and welfare-related traits into livestock breeding programmes. Genetic change in body composition, and prediction of this, has been a long term research interest too. Latterly, I have been interested in how genetic change in livestock affects their greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of my research to date has been in temperate systems, but I have a growing interest in application of genetics in developing countries.

Selected Publications

  • Bell, M J; Wall, E; Russell, G; Morgan, C and Simm, G (2010).  Effect of breeding for milk yield, diet and management on enteric methane emissions from dairy cows.  Animal Production Science 50: 817-826
  • Bell, M J; Wall, E; Russell, G; Roberts, D J And Simm, G (2010).  Risk factors for culling Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. Veterinary Record  167: 238-240
  • Duthie, C; Simm, G; Doeschl-Wilson, A B; Kalm, E; Knap, P W And Roehe, R (2010).  Epistatic analysis of carcass characteristics in pigs reveals genomic interactions between quantitative trait loci attributable to additive and dominance genetic effects. Journal of Animal Science 88: 2219-2234
  • Navajas, E A; Richardson, R I; Fisher, A V; Hyslop, J J; Ross, D W; Prieto, N; Simm, G And Roehe, R (2010).  Predicting beef carcass composition using tissue weights of a primal cut assessed by computed tomography. Animal 4: 1810-1817
  • Wall, E., Simm, G. And Moran, D (2010). Developing breeding schemes to assist mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Animal 4: 366-376
  • Bell, M. J;  Wall, E; Russell, G; Simm, G And Stott, A W (2011). The effect of improving cow productivity, fertility, and longevity on the global warming potential of dairy systems. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE 94: 3662-3678
  • Duthie, C-A; Simm, G; Doeschl-Wilson, A B; Kalm, E; Knap, P W; Roehe, R (2011). Quantitative trait loci for meat quality traits in pigs considering imprinting and epistatic effects.  Meat Science 87: 394-402
  • Marquez, G C;   Haresign, W;  Davies, M H;  Emmans, G C; Roehe, R;  Bunger, L; Simm, G;  Lewis, R. M (2012) Index selection in terminal sires improves early lamb growth.  Journal of Animal Science 90: 142-151
  • Marquez, G C;  Haresign, W;  Davies, M H;   Roehe, R;  Bunger, L; Simm, G; Lewis, R M (2013) Index selection in terminal sires improves lamb performance at finishing.  Journal of Animal Science 91: 38-43