Dr Ian Dunn

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Our Group's interests lie in avian biology, in particular avian reproduction and growth and its consequences.

This included a long term interest in how food, light and behaviour control reproduction and how the oviduct contributes to the formation of eggs. It has developed to include the relationship between long periods of reproductive activity and osteoporosis and the use of egg peptides as antimicrobials as well as aspects of satiety.

Our work takes advantage of advances in genetics and genomics along with physiology to understand avian reproduction and growth. The understanding of the genetics and physiology of avian reproduction and growth allows us to develop strategies utilising traditional or marker assisted selection to tackle problems as diverse as osteoporosis in laying hens, polyfollicular ovaries in broiler breeders and antimicrobial activity of egg white and shell quality in laying hens. We are also increasing our understanding the control of food intake in birds. These traits all have socio-economic importance to the poultry industry.

To do this we interact closely with many companies and groups in the institute and across Europe.

Selected Publications

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  • I C Dunn, R H Fleming, H A McCormack, D Morrice, D W Burt, R Preisinger, C C Whitehead. 2007. A QTL for osteoporosis detected in an F2 population derived from White Leghorn chicken lines divergently selected for bone index. Animal Genetics Vol: 38 Pages: 45-9. More»
  • I. C. Dunn, A. B. Rodriguez-Navarro, K. McDade, M. Schmutz, R. Preisinger, D. Waddington, P. W. Wilson, M. M. Bain. 2012. Genetic variation in eggshell crystal size and orientation is large and these traits are correlated with shell thickness and are associated with eggshell matrix protein markers. Animal Genetics Vol: 43 Pages: 410-418. More»
  • Daoqing Gong, Peter W. Wilson, Maureen M. Bain, Karina McDade, Jiri Kalina, Virginie Herve-Grepinet, Yves Nys, Ian C. Dunn. 2010. Gallin; an antimicrobial peptide member of a new avian defensin family, the ovodefensins, has been subject to recent gene duplication. BMC Immunology Vol: 11 Pages: -. More»
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