Dr James Prendergast

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Mammalian gene regulation and disease genetics.

Selected Publications

  • The Colorectal Tumour Gene Identification (CORGI) , The Swedish Low-Risk Colorectal Cancer Study Group, The COIN Collaborative Group. 2012. Common variation near CDKN1A, POLD3 and SHROOM2 influences colorectal cancer risk. Nature Genetics Vol: 44 Pages: 770-776. More»
  • James G D Prendergast, Colin A M Semple. 2011. Widespread signatures of recent selection linked to nucleosome positioning in the human lineage. Genome Research Vol: 21 Pages: 1777-87. More»
  • Pin Tong, James Prendergast, Amanda J. Lohan, Susan M. Farrington, Simon Cronin, Nial Friel, Dan G. Bradley, Orla Hardiman, Alex Evans, James F. Wilson, Brendan Loftus. 2010. Sequencing and analysis of an Irish human genome. Genome Biology Vol: 11 Pages: -. More»
  • Susan M Farrington, Albert Tenesa, James Prendergast, Rebecca A Barnetson, Harry Campbell, Malcolm G Dunlop and 45 others. 2008. A genome-wide association study identifies colorectal cancer susceptibility loci on chromosomes 10p14 and 8q23.3. Nature Genetics Vol: 40 Pages: 623-630. More»
  • A. Tenesa, S. M. Farrington, James Prendergast, Rebecca Barnetson, Evropi Theodoratou, Colin Semple, Fiona Reid, Lorna Smith, Kostas Kavoussanakis, I. J. Deary, John M. Starr, Harry Campbell, M. G. Dunlop and 44 others. 2008. Genome-wide association scan identifies a colorectal cancer susceptibility locus on 11q23 and replicates risk loci at 8q24 and 18q21. Nature Genetics Vol: 40 Pages: 631-7. More»