Dr John Hickey

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • John M. Hickey, Brian P. Kinghorn, Bruce Tier, Julius H. J. van der Werf, Matthew A. Cleveland. 2012. A phasing and imputation method for pedigreed populations that results in a single-stage genomic evaluation. Genetics Selection Evolution Vol: 44. More»
  • Yijian Huang, John M. Hickey, Matthew A. Cleveland, Christian Maltecca. 2012. Assessment of alternative genotyping strategies to maximize imputation accuracy at minimal cost. Genetics Selection Evolution Vol: 44. More»
  • Hans D. Daetwyler, Mario P. L. Calus, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Gustavo de los Campos, John Hickey. 2013. Genomic Prediction in Animals and Plants: Simulation of Data, Validation, Reporting, and Benchmarking. Genetics Vol: 193 Pages: 347-365. More»
  • John Hickey, Brian P Kinghorn, Bruce Tier, James F Wilson, Neil Dunstan, Julius H J van der Werf. 2011. A combined long-range phasing and long haplotype imputation method to impute phase for SNP genotypes. Genetics Selection Evolution Vol: 43. More»