Dr John Keen

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • J. A. Keen, B. C. McGorum, C. Hillier, J. E. Nally. 2013. Short-term incubation of equine laminar veins with cortisol and insulin alters contractility in vitro: possible implications for the pathogenesis of equine laminitis. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics Vol: 36 Pages: 382-388. More»
  • John Keen, C. Hillier, Bruce McGorum, J.E. Nally. 2008. Endothelin mediated contraction of equine laminar veins. Equine Veterinary Journal Vol: 40 Pages: 488-492. More»
  • John A Keen, Chris Hillier, Bruce C McGorum, David Bunton, Jane E Nally. 2008. Evaluation of equine laminar vein function: harvesting, dissection and the use of functional methods to distinguish between veins and arteries. Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods Vol: 57 Pages: 92-9. More»
  • C.H. Lyle, G. Turley, K.J. Blissitt, R.S. Pirie, I.G. Mayhew, B.C. McGorum, J.A. Keen. 2010. Retrospective Evaluation of Episodic Collapse in the Horse in a Referred Population: 25 Cases (1995-2009). Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Vol: 24 Pages: 1498-1502. More»