Dr Jorge Del-Pozo

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies/The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

My main research interest is in piscine pathology. More specifically I have a strong interest on the research of fish diseases affecting aquaculture species, and promoting scientific understanding that can be translated to the effective control of these diseases.

My basic approach to this research is the use of techniques including histopathology, immunohistochemistry, bacteriology, virology, and molecular diagnostic tools, interpreted in the context of genomic studies of the host and aetiological agent. 

I also have an strong interest in comparative research using zebrafish as a model, and have worked in the development of a model of steroidogenesis using zebrafish.

Last but not least, as a working diagnostic veterinary pathologist, I have a strong interest in the pathogenesis and gross, microscopic and ultrastructural presentation of disease in all animal species, as well as clinical research in collaboration with my veterinary colleagues at the animal hospitals of the EBVC.

Selected Publications

  • Hugh W. Ferguson, Richard Kabuusu, Sussan Beltran, Eduardo Reyes, J.A. Lince, Jorge Del-Pozo. 2013. Syncytial hepatitis of farmed tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.): a case report. Journal of Fish Diseases Vol: Early View. More»
  • Jorge Del-Pozo, Margaret Crumlish, Hugh W. Ferguson, James F. Turnbull. 2009. A retrospective cross-sectional study on "Candidatus arthromitus" associated Rainbow trout gastroenteritis (RTGE) in the UK. Aquaculture Vol: 290 Pages: 22-27. More»
  • James F. Turnbull, Iain K. Berrill, Darren M. Green, Ryan Kaye, David Morris, Alexander G. Murray, Jorge del-Pozo, Andrew Shinn. 2011. Applied epidemiology with examples from UK aquaculture. Aquaculture research Vol: 42 Pages: 21-27. More»
  • Jorge Del-Pozo, Margaret Crumlish, Hugh W. Ferguson, Darren M. Green, James F. Turnbull. 2010. A prospective longitudinal study of "Candidatus arthromitus"-associated rainbow trout gastroenteritis in the UK. Preventive Veterinary Medicine Vol: 94 Pages: 289-300. More»
  • J. Del-Pozo, J. Turnbull, H. Ferguson, M. Crumlish. 2010. A comparative molecular study of the presence of "Candidatus arthromitus" in the digestive system of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), healthy and affected with rainbow trout gastroenteritis. Journal of Fish Diseases Vol: 33 Pages: 241-250. More»
  • J. Del-Pozo, J. F. Turnbull, M. Crumlish, H. W. Ferguson. 2010. A study of gross, histological and blood biochemical changes in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), with rainbow trout gastroenteritis (RTGE). Journal of Fish Diseases Vol: 33 Pages: 301-310. More»
  • J. Del-Pozo, M. Crumlish, J. F. Turnbull, H. W. Ferguson. 2010. Histopathology and Ultrastructure of Segmented Filamentous Bacteria-Associated Rainbow Trout Gastroenteritis. Veterinary Pathology Vol: 47 Pages: 220-230. More»
  • Sebastien A. Rider, Carl S. Tucker, Jorge del-Pozo, Kirsten N. Rose, Calum A. MacRae, Matthew A. Bailey, John J. Mullins. 2012. Techniques for the in vivo assessment of cardio-renal function in zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae. Journal of Physiology Vol: 590 Pages: 1803-1809. More»