Dr Karen Bryson

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Karen Bryson, Sabastien Besteiro, Helen McGachy, Graham Coombs, Jeremy Mottram, James Alexander. 2009. Overexpression of the Natural Inhibitor of Cysteine Peptidases in Leishmania mexicana Leads to Reduced Virulence and a Th1 Response. Infection and Immunity Vol: 77 Pages: 2971-2978. More»
  • Karen Bryson, X Wei, James Alexander. 2008. Interleukin-18 enhances a Th2 biased response and susceptibility to Leishmania mexicana in BALB/c mice.. Microbes and Infection Vol: 10. More»
  • Karen Bryson, Owain Millington, T Mokgethi, Helen McGachy, F Brombacher, James Alexander. 2011. BALB/c Mice Deficient in CD4+T Cell IL-4Ra Expression Control Leishmania mexicana Load although Female but Not Male Mice Develop a Healer Phenotype. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Vol: 5. More»
  • Vivienne Gibson, Robert Benson, Karen Bryson, Iain McInnes, Catherine Rush, Gianlucca Grassia, Pasquale Maffia, E Jenkins, A White, Graham Anderson, James Brewer, Paul Garside. 2012. A novel method to allow noninvasive, longitudinal imaging of the murine immune system in vivo. Blood Vol: 119 Pages: 2545-51. More»