Dr Lonneke Vervelde

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

My research group has investigated the immune responses to pathogens and vaccines in poultry with the ultimate goal to enhance immune-mediated resistance and thus improving the welfare of the animals. The overall aim is to determine how the early innate responses, with a special focus on antigen presenting cells, modulate the adaptive responses and assess their role in the induction of protective immunity, particularly at musosal surfaces. The research focuses on economically important pathogens such as avian influenza virus, infectious bronchitis virus and Eimeria species.

Next to unravelling the basic host-pathogen interactions, the work included improvement of mucosal vaccination through antigen targeting and adjuvants and enhancement of gut health through feed additives.

The development of new immunological tools, reagents and assays for avian immunology is another area of research. This will provide means to investigate fundamental immunological knowledge and determine immunological correlates of protection against avian diseases.

Selected Publications

  • Christine A. Jansen, Daphne A. van Haarlem, Beatrice Sperling, Peter van Kooten, E. de Vries, Birgit C. Viertlboeck, Lonneke Vervelde, Thomas W. Göbel. 2016. Identification of an Activating Chicken Ig-like Receptor (CHIR) Recognizing Avian Influenza Viruses. Journal of Immunology Vol: 197 Pages: 4696-4703. More»
  • T J Hagenaars, E A J Fischer, C A Jansen, J M J Rebel, D Spekreijse, L Vervelde, J A Backer, M C M de Jong, A P Koets. 2016. Modelling the Innate Immune Response against Avian Influenza Virus in Chicken. PLoS ONE Vol: 11. More»
  • Kate Sutton, Jun Hu, Zhiguang Wu, Botond Siklodi, Lonneke Vervelde, Pete Kaiser. 2015. The functions of the avian receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) and its receptors, RANK and osteoprotegerin, are evolutionarily conserved. Developmental and Comparative Immunology Vol: 51 Pages: 170-184. More»
  • Eveline D de Geus, Winfried G J Degen, Daphne A van Haarlem, Carla Schrier, Femke Broere, Lonneke Vervelde. 2015. Distribution patterns of mucosally applied particles and characterization of the antigen presenting cells. Avian Pathology Vol: 44 Pages: 222-229. More»
  • Valerie Garceau, Adam Balic, Carla Garcia-Morales, Kristin A Sauter, Mike J McGrew, Jacqueline Smith, Lonneke Vervelde, Adrian Sherman, Troy E Fuller, Theodore Oliphant, John A Shelley, Raksha Tiwari, Thomas L Wilson, Cosmin Chintoan-Uta, Dave W Burt, Mark P Stevens, Helen M Sang, David A Hume. 2015. The development and maintenance of the mononuclear phagocyte system of the chick is controlled by signals from the macrophage colony-stimulating factor (CSF1) receptor. BMC Biology Vol: 13 Pages: 121. More»
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