Dr Luiza Toma

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I am an applied economist specialised in agri-environmental economics (MSc and PhD) and statistics, informatics and economic modelling (BSc).  My research interests are behavioural economics, economic modelling of environment/climate change and agricultural trade linkages, policy measures for agricultural non-point source pollution abatement, economics of animal welfare and health, farm agri-environmental management, and transition economies.

Besides my research experience with SRUC (and previously with the Agricultural Economics Institute of the Romanian Academy and the Centre for Agricultural and Food Economics - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven where I completed my PhD), I have been involved as a consultant in several policy-oriented projects on the economics of environment, agricultural trade and rural development for the World Bank, European Commission, FAO and OECD and as a reviewer for EC projects and project proposals on environment and agriculture (EC FP6, FP7).

Selected Publications

  • Toma, L., March, M., Stott, A.W., Roberts, D., 2013. Environmental Efficiency of Alternative Dairy Systems: A Productive Efficiency Approach. Journal of Dairy Science (forthcoming)
  • Revoredo-Giha, C., Philippidis, G., Toma, L., Renwick, A., 2013. The impact of EU export refunds on the African continent: An impact assessment. Journal of Development Studies (forthcoming)
  • Islam, M., Barnes, A., Toma, L., 2013. An Investigation into Climate Change Scepticism among Farmers. Journal of Environmental Psychology 34 (2013), 137-150
  • Tsitsoni, V., Toma, L., 2013. An econometric analysis of determinants of climate change attitudes and behaviour in Greece and Great Britain. Agricultural Economic Review (forthcoming)
  • Toma, L., Stott, A.W., Heffernan, C., Ringrose, S., Gunn, G.J., 2013. Determinants of biosecurity behaviour of British cattle and sheep farmers – a behavioural economics analysis. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 108(4), 321-333
  • Barnes, A., Toma, L., Willock, J., Hall, C., 2013. Comparing a ‘budge’ to a ‘nudge’: Farmer responses to voluntary and compulsory compliance in a water quality management regime. Journal of Rural Studies (in press)
  • Barnes, A.P., Islam, M., Toma, L., 2012. Heterogeneity in Climate Change Risk Perception amongst Dairy Farmers: A Latent Class Clustering Analysis. Applied Geography 41 (2013), 105-115
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