Dr Mariela Scortti

School of Biomedical Sciences

Selected Publications

  • António Lourenço, Aitor de Las Heras, Mariela Scortti, Jose Vazquez-Boland, Joseph F Frank, Luisa Brito. 2013. Comparison of Listeria monocytogenes Exoproteomes from biofilm and planktonic state: Lmo2504, a protein associated with biofilms. Applied and Environmental Microbiology Vol: 79 Pages: 6075-82. More»
  • C. Buchrieser, C. Rusniok, P. Garrido, T. Hain, M. Scortti, R. Lampidis, U. Kaerst, T. Chakraborty, P. Cossart, J. Kreft, J. A. Vazquez-Boland, W. Goebel, P. Glaser. 2011. Complete Genome Sequence of the Animal Pathogen Listeria ivanovii, Which Provides Insights into Host Specificities and Evolution of the Genus Listeria. Journal of Bacteriology Vol: 193 Pages: 6787-6788. More»
  • Samson P. Salifu, Ana Valero-Rello, Samantha A. Campbell, Neil F. Inglis, Mariela Scortti, Sophie Foley, Jose A. Vazquez-Boland. 2013. Genome and proteome analysis of phage E3 infecting the soil-borne actinomycete Rhodococcus equi. Environmental microbiology reports Vol: 5 Pages: 170-178. More»
  • Christelle Guillet, Olivier Join-Lambert, Alban Le Monnier, Alexandre Leclercq, Frederic Mechai, Marie-France Mamzer-Bruneel, Magdalena K. Bielecka, Mariela Scortti, Olivier Disson, Patrick Berche, Jose Vazquez-Boland, Olivier Lortholary, Marc Lecuit. 2010. Human Listeriosis Caused by Listeria ivanovii. Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol: 16 Pages: 136-138. More»