Dr Nicola Lambe

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I have been working for SRUC for 15 years, mainly working on sheep breeding research projects. Since 1997, I have been closely involved with the work of the CT unit, undertaking a PhD based on CT scanning of breeding hill ewes to assess seasonal tissue changes. The sheep genetic projects that I have been involved in have mainly been associated with breeding for improvements in carcass and meat quality, alongside traditional production and reproductive traits, and have considered both hill and terminal sire breeds. These projects have also involved evaluation of several techniques for measuring carcass and meat quality in live animals and carcasses, including ultrasound, CT, video image analysis and several mechanical, chemical and sensory meat quality tests. I have more recently been involved in similar projects with beef cattle and pigs.

Current Research

I am currently involved in projects concerned with increasing the economic viability and product quality of sheep and beef production systems, whilst minimising negative environmental impacts of such systems.

PhD Students

Neil Clelland - Use of computer tomography based predictors of meat quality in sheep breeding programmes

Selected Publications

  • Lambe, N. R., Macfarlane, J. M., Fisher, A. V., Matika, O., Haresign, W., & Bunger, L. (2010). The effect of a Texel muscling QTL (TM-QTL) on meat quality traits in crossbred lambs. Meat Science, 85 , 684-690
  • Lambe, N. R., Navajas, E. A., Fisher, A. V., Simm, G., Roehe, R., & Bunger, L. (2009). Prediction of lamb meat eating quality in two divergent breeds using various live animal and carcass measurements. Meat Science, 83 , 366-375
  • Lambe, N. R., Navajas, E. A., Schofield, C. P., Fisher, A. V., Simm, G., Roehe, R., & Bunger, L. (2008). The use of various live animal measurements to predict carcass and meat quality in two divergent lamb breeds. Meat Science, 80 , 1138-1149
  • Lambe, N. R., Bünger, L., Bishop, S. C., Simm, G., & Conington, J. (2008). The effects of selection indices for sustainable hill sheep production on carcass composition and muscularity of lambs, measured using X-ray computed tomography. Animal, 2 (1), 27-35
  • Lambe NR, Conington J, Bishop SC, McLean KA, Bünger L, McLaren A and Simm G 2008. Relationships between lamb carcass quality traits measured by X-ray computed tomography and current UK hill sheep breeding goals. Animal 2, 36-43
  • Lambe, N. R., Navajas, E. A., Simm, G., & Bunger, L. (2006). A genetic investigation of various growth models to describe growth of lambs of two contrasting breeds. Journal of Animal Science, 84 (10), 2642-2654
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