Dr Pam Wiener

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the genetics of domesticated animals. This involves the application of population and quantitative genetic approaches to dissect the genetic basis of phenotypic traits and to improve understanding of domestication and breed development. We also exploit the wealth of historical information on domesticated species to develop and improve methods of analysis, which can be applied to a variety of species.

Dissection of the genetic basis of phenotypic traits in domesticated animals: We are concerned with improving our understanding of complex traits, those influenced by multiple genes as well as environmental factors, and then using this understanding to improve strategies for management of livestock and companion animals. Most recently, we have been investigating hip dysplasia in dogs, a common disease with polygenic inheritance. This study is one of the first applications of genomic evaluation (the use of high-density markers for calculating breeding values) in companion animals, where our research suggests this may be an important breeding tool for improvement of health-related traits. We have also been dissecting factors that influence behavioural traits in dogs, using a combination of multivariate statistics, quantitative and population genetics and genomics approaches.

Improvement of understanding of domestication, breed development and commercialisation processes: We apply population genetics approaches to the study of domestication and breed development in various domesticated animal species. We also use domesticated animals as test cases with which the performance of different statistical methods can be compared in terms of their characterisation of population structure and assignment of individuals to population origin.

Exploitation of features of domesticated animals to develop and improve genetic mapping methods: Another focus of our work is the development, evaluation and application of methods for the identification of genomic regions under selection, with three main aims: (1) to better understand the processes of evolutionary change in domesticated species, (2) to identify genes associated with selected phenotypes and (3) to improve the methods for detection of genes under selection using genomic data.

Selected Publications

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