Professor Paul Digard

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Professor Digard is a virologist who has published on herpesviruses, plus strand RNA viruses and (primarily) on influenza A virus.

His laboratory is interested in the molecular and cellular biology of how influenza virus replicates, using this information to understand the basis of virus pathogenesis and host range, as well as for translational studies on antiviral drug development and virus control measures.

In recent years, the group has focused on three main areas: identifying cellular pathways and viral elements involved in genome trafficking and virus assembly, on the function of the viral RNA synthesis machinery and its role in setting host range, and in identifying novel virus polypeptides, at least three of which affect virus pathogenicity.

Selected Publications

  • Maria Joao Amorim, Richard Y. Kao, Paul Digard. 2013. Nucleozin Targets Cytoplasmic Trafficking of Viral Ribonucleoprotein-Rab11 Complexes in Influenza A Virus Infection. Journal of Virology Vol: 87 Pages: 4694-4703. More»
  • Mang Shi, Brett W. Jagger, Helen M. Wise, Paul Digard, Edward C. Holmes, Jeffery K. Taubenberger. 2012. Evolutionary Conservation of the PA-X Open Reading Frame in Segment 3 of Influenza A Virus. Journal of Virology Vol: 86 Pages: 12411-12413. More»
  • Helen M Wise, Edward C Hutchinson, Brett W Jagger, Amanda D Stuart, Zi H Kang, Nicole Robb, Louis M Schwartzman, John C Kash, Ervin Fodor, Andrew E Firth, Julia R Gog, Jeffery K Taubenberger, Paul Digard. 2012. Identification of a novel splice variant form of the influenza a virus m2 ion channel with an antigenically distinct ectodomain. Plos pathogens Vol: 8. More»
  • B. W. Jagger, H. M. Wise, J. C. Kash, K. A. Walters, N. M. Wills, Y. L. Xiao, R. L. Dunfee, L. M. Schwartzman, A. Ozinsky, G. L. Bell, R. M. Dalton, A. Lo, S. Efstathiou, J. F. Atkins, A. E. Firth, J. K. Taubenberger, P. Digard. 2012. An Overlapping Protein-Coding Region in Influenza A Virus Segment 3 Modulates the Host Response. Science Vol: 337 Pages: 199-204. More»
  • G. Muratore, L. Goracci, B. Mercorelli, A. Foeglein, P. Digard, G. Cruciani, G. Palu, A. Loregian. 2012. Small molecule inhibitors of influenza A and B viruses that act by disrupting subunit interactions of the viral polymerase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 6247-6252. More»
  • H.M. Wise, A. Foeglein, J. Sun, R.M. Dalton, S. Patel, W. Howard, E.C. Anderson, W.S. Barclay, P. Digard. 2009. A Complicated Message: Identification of a Novel PB1-Related Protein Translated from Influenza A Virus Segment 2 mRNA. Journal of Virology Vol: 83 Pages: 8021-8031. More»
  • H.M. Wise, C. Barbezange, B.W. Jagger, R.M. Dalton, J.R. Gog, M.D. Curran, J.K. Taubenberger, E.C. Anderson, P. Digard. 2011. Overlapping signals for translational regulation and packaging of influenza A virus segment 2. Nucleic Acids Research Vol: 39 Pages: 7775-7790. More»