Dr Paul Hocking

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

PAUL HOCKING is involved in research to locate quantitative trait loci in the domestic fowl through the use of DNA markers and the application of these techniques to solve production and welfare problems. He is currently involved in research to identify the genetic control of multiple ovulation in broiler breeders to improve the welfare of food restricted broiler breeders. He has quantified the extent of genetic variation for a large number of phenotypes in chickens and is currently conducting a genetic diversity study of poultry breeds with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. He curates 3 lines of chickens that inherit mutations causing blindness and conducts research into the genetic and environmental control of sight with other university groups in the UK. His group has recently developed a model for inducing foot pad dermatitis in turkeys that has elucidated the cause, and suggested solutions, to this serious clinical problem.

Selected Publications

  • Martin McKibbin, Manir Ali, Chris Inglehearn, Mike Shires, Kenny Boyle, Paul M Hocking. 2013. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging of the posterior segment of the eye in the retinal dysplasia and degeneration chicken, an animal model of inherited retinal degeneration. Veterinary ophthalmology Vol: E-pub 22 May. More»
  • Neil A McDerment, Peter W Wilson, David Waddington, Ian C Dunn, Paul M Hocking. 2012. Identification of novel candidate genes for follicle selection in the broiler breeder ovary. BMC Genomics Vol: 13. More»
  • Samantha Wilkinson, P Wiener, D Teverson, C S Haley, P M Hocking. 2012. Characterization of the genetic diversity, structure and admixture of British chicken breeds. Animal Genetics Vol: 43 Pages: 552-563. More»
  • B K Podisi, S A Knott, I C Dunn, A S Law, D W Burt, P M Hocking. 2011. Overlap of quantitative trait loci for early growth rate, and for body weight and age at onset of sexual maturity in chickens. Reproduction Vol: 141 Pages: 381-389. More»