Professor Pete Kaiser

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Current Funded Projects

As Principal Investigator:

2013 BBSRC Animal Health Research Club grant. PI with Steve Bishop, Damer Blake and Fiona Tomley as Co-Is (last two at RVC). Understanding resistance and differential vaccine responses to Eimeria in the chicken - novel biomarkers and genetic control. £891,729 (of which £466,530 to Roslin).

2012 Biosciences KTN BBSRC CASE studentship with Cobb-Vantress. Identification of novel biomarkers of resistance toEimeria infection in the chicken. £90,000.

2012 Wellcome Trust Biomedical Resources grant. PI with David Hume, Dave Burt, Helen Sang and Mike McGrew as Co-Is. The National Avian Resource Facility. £625,414 (FEC £1,472,511).

2012 BBSRC National Capability Grant. The National Avian Research Facility. £1,233,696. PI.

2011 BBSRC-LINK with Aviagen. PI with Mark Stevens as Co-I. Mapping resistance to Campylobacter in the chicken. £1,245,371 (£618,707 cash, £624,664 in kind).

2011 SPASE. Transcriptome sequencing of host and pathogen during the infection process to provide fine definition of their interaction. £294,365.

2010 Biosciences KTN BBSRC CASE studentship with Aviagen. Towards selection for improved immune robustness in commercial chickens. £80,000.

2010 CEVA Sante Animale. Potentiating the efficacy of Transmune IBD. €90,000 (funds PhD student).

2010 CEVA Sante Animale. Identification of novel cytokine adjuvants. €90,000 (funds PhD student).

2009 CSF1, IL34 and the function of macrophages in avian development. BBSRC IPA with Pfizer. £86,398.

2009 Reducing the impact of infectious disease on village poultry production in Ethiopia. BBSRC/DfID CIDLID initiative. £116,029.

2008 Network of Animal Disease Infectiology Research facilities. EU. €7,890,882 (~€300,000 to Roslin).

As Co-Investigator:

2014 BBSRC/TSB Agri-Tech Catalyst Industry award. Co-I with Mike McGrew (PI). Genome biobanking for the optimisation of valuable broiler genetic stocks. £497,303 to Roslin.

2013 BBSRC. Co_I with Mike McGrew (PI). Gene targeting of primordial germ cells using TALEN technology to generate the first knockout transgenic chickens. £126,460.

2013 BBSRC. Co-I with David Hume, Fiona Tomley and Damer Blake (PI) (last two at RVC). Controlling enteric pathogens of poultry: host/microbiota interactions, risk assessment and effective management interventions. £789,411 (of which £375,956 to Roslin).

2012 BBSRC IPA with Hyline. Co-I with Dave Burt as PI. Genome-wide mapping and identification of genes controlling resistance to Marek's Disease virus infection in commercial layer chickens. £973,920.

2012 BBSRC IPA with Hyline. Role of AKT1 & SIVA1 in resistance to avian salmonellosis. Co-I with Mark Stevens as PI. £459,626.

Selected Publications

  • Richard Pma Crooijmans, Mark S Fife, Tomas W Fitzgerald, Shurnevia Strickland, Hans H Cheng, Pete Kaiser, Richard Redon, Martien Am Groenen. 2013. Large scale variation in DNA copy number in chicken breeds. BMC Genomics Vol: 14. More»
  • Mark S Gibson, Mark Fife, Steve Bird, Nigel Salmon, Pete Kaiser. 2012. Identification, Cloning, and Functional Characterization of the IL-1 Receptor Antagonist in the Chicken Reveal Important Differences between the Chicken and Mammals. Journal of Immunology Vol: 189 Pages: 539-550. More»
  • Z. Wu, L. Rothwell, J.R. Young, J. Kaufman, C. Butter, P. Kaiser. 2010. Generation and characterization of chicken bone marrow-derived dendritic cells. Immunology Vol: 129 Pages: 133-145. More»
  • T.Y. Poh, J. Pease, J.R. Young, N. Bumstead, P. Kaiser. 2008. Re-evaluation of chicken CXCR1 determines the true gene structure: CXCLi1 (K60) and CXCLi2 (CAF/interleukin-8) are ligands for this receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol: 283 Pages: 16408-16415. More»
  • J. Smith, J.-R. Sadeyen, I.R. Paton, P.M. Hocking, N. Salmon, M. Fife, V. Nair, D.W. Burt, P. Kaiser. 2011. Systems analysis of immune responses in Marek's disease virus-infected chickens identifies a gene involved in susceptibility and highlights a possible novel pathogenicity mechanism. Journal of Virology Vol: 85 Pages: 11146-11158. More»
  • D. W. Burt, P. Kaiser, Sungwon Kim, Jacqueline Smith and 67 others. 2010. Multi-Platform Next-Generation Sequencing of the Domestic Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo): Genome Assembly and Analysis. PLoS Biology Vol: 8. More»