Dr Peter Hohenstein

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

In our lab we study the link between normal kidney development and kidney disease, especially the development of Wilms’ tumours. Much work is done on the role of the Wt1 and β-catenin genes in this, and their involvement in embryonic kidney progenitor cells, but also later stages of kidney development and function are being studied. We are also interested in using the understanding of kidney development from this work to develop ways to generate early kidney progenitor cells from other cells types for kidney replacement therapy.

The use of transgenic mouse models is central in our work, and we use models that we import from other labs or generate ourselves. Besides our kidney work we also try to improve the possibilities and efficiency of transgenic techniques in mice, and the possibility of transferring them to other species.

Selected Publications

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  • Ruthrothaselvi Bharathavikru, Tatiana Dudnakova, James Aitken, Joan Slight, Mara Artibani, Peter Hohenstein, David Tollervey, Nicholas Hastie. 2017. Transcription factor, Wilms’ Tumour 1 regulates developmental RNAs through 3’ UTR interaction.. Genes & Development Vol: 31 Pages: 347-352. More»
  • Rachel L Berry, Derya D Ozdemir, Bruce Aronow, Nils Lindstrom, Tatiana Dudnakova, Anna Thornburn, Paul Perry, Richard Baldock, Chris Armit, Anagha Joshi, Cécile Jeanpierre, Jingdong Shan, Seppo Vainio, James Baily, David Brownstein, Jamie Davies, Nicholas D Hastie, Peter Hohenstein. 2015. Deducing the stage of origin of Wilms tumours from a developmental series of Wt1 mutants. Disease Models & Mechanisms Vol: 8 Pages: 903-17. More»
  • Nils Lindstrom, Melanie L Lawrence, Sally F Burn, Jeanette A Johansson, Elvira Rm Bakker, Rachel A Ridgway, C-hong Chang, Michele J Karolak, Leif Oxburgh, Denis J Headon, Owen J Sansom, Ron Smits, Jamie A Davies, Peter Hohenstein. 2015. Integrated β-catenin, BMP, PTEN, and Notch signalling patterns the nephron. eLIFE Vol: 4. More»
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