Dr Ricardo Pong-Wong

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Oswald Matika, Diego Robledo Sanchez, Ricardo Pong-Wong, John Woolliams, Stephen Bishop, Valentina Riggio, Annabelle Hoste, Grant A Walling, Alan Archibald, Ross Houston. 2018. A premature stop mutation in the porcine myostatin gene is a candidate causative variant for a recessive leg weakness syndrome and affects muscle depth. More»
  • Masoud Shirali, Sara Knott, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Pau Navarro, Christopher Haley. 2018. Haplotype Heritability Mapping Method Uncovers Missing Heritability of Complex Traits. Scientific Reports Vol: 8. More»
  • Ricardo Pong-Wong, John Woolliams. 2018. A general quadratic programming method for the optimisation of genetic contributions using interior point algorithm. More»
  • Smaragda Tsairidou, A. R. Allen, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Stewart H McBride, David M Wright, Oswald Matika, Christopher Pooley, Stanley W J McDowell, Elizabeth Glass, Robin Skuce, Stephen Bishop, John Woolliams. 2018. An analysis of effects of heterozygosity in dairy cattle for bovine tuberculosis resistance. Animal Genetics Vol: 49 Pages: 103-109. More»