Dr Ricardo Pong-Wong

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Yoshitaka Nagamine, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Pau Navarro, Veronique Vitart, Caroline Hayward, Igor Rudan, Harry Campbell, James Wilson, Sarah Wild, Andrew A Hicks, Peter P Pramstaller, Nicholas Hastie, Alan F Wright, Chris S Haley. 2012. Localising Loci underlying Complex Trait Variation Using Regional Genomic Relationship Mapping. PLoS One Vol: 7. More»
  • Javad Nadaf, Valentina Riggio, Tun-Ping Yu, Ricardo Pong-Wong. 2012. Effect of the prior distribution of SNP effects on the estimation of total breeding value. BMC Proceedings Vol: 6 Pages: S6. More»
  • J. Quilez, V. Martinez, J. A. Woolliams, A. Sanchez, R. Pong-Wong, L. J. Kennedy, R. J. Quinnell, W. E. Ollier, X. Roura, L. Ferrer, L. Altet, O. Francino. 2012. Genetic control of canine leishmaniasis: genome-wide association study and genomic selection analysis. PLoS One Vol: 7 Pages: e35349. More»
  • Hans D. Daetwyler, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Beatriz Villanueva, John A. Woolliams. 2010. The Impact of Genetic Architecture on Genome-Wide Evaluation Methods. Genetics Vol: 185 Pages: 1021-1031. More»
  • Linda Nicol, Stephen C Bishop, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Christian Bendixen, Lars-Erik Holm, Stewart M Rhind, Alan S McNeilly. 2009. Homozygosity for a single base-pair mutation in the oocyte-specific GDF9 gene results in sterility in Thoka sheep. Reproduction Vol: 138 Pages: 921-33. More»