Professor Tanja Opriessnig

The Roslin Institute

Research Interests

Infectious disease investigations in pigs including porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), porcine reproductive and respiraotry syndrome virus (PRRSV), swine hepatitis E virus (HEV), porcine astrovirus (PAstV), emerging porcine parvovirus (PPV), and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae.

Selected Publications

  • Tanja Opriessnig, Kevin O'Neill, Priscilla Freitas Gerber, Alessandra M M G de Castro, Luis G GimenĂ©z-Lirola, Nathan M Beach, Lei Zhou, Xiang-Jin Meng, Chong Wang, Patrick G Halbur. 2013. A PCV2 vaccine based on genotype 2b is more effective than a 2a-based vaccine to protect against PCV2b or combined PCV2a/2b viremia in pigs with concurrent PCV2, PRRSV and PPV infection. Vaccine Vol: 31 Pages: 487-494. More»
  • Tanja Opriessnig, Chao-Ting Xiao, Priscilla Freitas Gerber, Patrick G Halbur. 2013. Emergence of a novel mutant PCV2b variant associated with clinical PCVAD in two vaccinated pig farms in the U.S. concurrently infected with PPV2. Veterinary Microbiology Vol: 163 Pages: 177-83. More»
  • Yao-Wei Huang, Kylie K Harrall, Barbara A Dryman, Tanja Opriessnig, Eric M Vaughn, Michael B Roof, Xiang-Jin Meng. 2012. Serological profile of torque teno sus virus species 1 (TTSuV1) in pigs and antigenic relationships between two TTSuV1 genotypes (1a and 1b), between two species (TTSuV1 and -2), and between porcine and human anelloviruses. Journal of Virology Vol: 86 Pages: 10628-39. More»
  • Yan-Yan Ni, Tanja Opriessnig, Lei Zhou, Dianjun Cao, Yao-Wei Huang, Patrick G Halbur, Xiang-Jin Meng. 2013. Attenuation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus by molecular breeding of virus envelope genes from genetically divergent strains. Journal of Virology Vol: 87 Pages: 304-13. More»