Professor Tony Nash

The Roslin Institute

Selected Publications

  • Ricky W. C. Siu, Rennos Fragkoudis, Peter Simmonds, Claire L. Donald, Margo E. Chase-Topping, Gerald Barry, Ghassem Attarzadeh-Yazdi, Julio Rodriguez-Andres, Anthony A. Nash, Andres Merits, John K. Fazakerley, Alain Kohl. 2011. Antiviral RNA Interference Responses Induced by Semliki Forest Virus Infection of Mosquito Cells: Characterization, Origin, and Frequency-Dependent Functions of Virus-Derived Small Interfering RNAs. Journal of Virology Vol: 85 Pages: 2907-2917. More»
  • Marlynne Quigg-Nicol, Y. Ligertwood, M. N. Bacon, B. M. Dutia, A. A. Nash. 2012. A novel family of peptides with potent activity against influenza A viruses. Journal of General Virology Vol: 93 Pages: 980-986. More»
  • Babunilayam Gangadharan, Bernadette M Dutia, Susan M Rhind, Anthony A Nash. 2009. Murid herpesvirus-4 induces chronic inflammation of intrahepatic bile ducts in mice deficient in gamma-interferon signalling. Hepatology Research Vol: 39 Pages: 187-194. More»
  • Bernadette M Dutia, Stuart J Reid, Derek D Drummond, Yvonne Ligertwood, Ian Bennet, Willard Rietberg, Ondine Silvia, Michael A Jarvis, Anthony A Nash. 2009. A Novel Cre Recombinase Imaging System for Tracking Lymphotropic Virus Infection In Vivo. PLoS One Vol: 4. More»
  • Anna R Cliffe, Anthony A Nash, Bernadette M Dutia. 2009. Selective Uptake of Small RNA Molecules in the Virion of Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68. Journal of Virology Vol: 83 Pages: 2321-2326. More»
  • M.A. Hoeve, A.A. Nash, D. Jackson, R.E. Randall, I. Dransfield. 2012. Influenza Virus A Infection of Human Monocyte and Macrophage Subpopulations Reveals Increased Susceptibility Associated with Cell Differentiation. PLoS One Vol: 7. More»
  • Babunilayam Gangadharan, Marieke A Hoeve, Judith E Allen, Bahram Ebrahimi, Susan M Rhind, Bernadette M Dutia, Anthony A Nash. 2008. Murine gammaherpesvirus-induced fibrosis is associated with the development of alternatively activated macrophages. Journal of Leukocyte Biology Vol: 84 Pages: 50-58. More»