Dr Tracey Pritchard

Scotland's Rural College

Research Interests

I have been brought up on a farm with sheep, beef, fruit, vegetables and holiday cottages. I studied a degree in World Agriculture at Bangor University, followed by a PhD on sheep breeding. During my PhD I also worked with breeding groups in Wales, such as CAMDA (Welsh Mountain Sheep) and Cynhyrchwyr Biff Llyn Cyf (Stabiliser cattle).

Now, I am a researcher within the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Group. My research interests include the genetics of disease traits, improving health of livestock and the sustainability of farm enterprises, the development of sustainable breeding goals and improvements to national genetic evaluations.

Selected Publications

  • Pritchard, T., Coffey, M., Mrode, R. and Wall, E. (2012). Genetic parameters for production, health, fertility and longevity traits in dairy cows. Animal/FirstView Article, pp 1-13. Full text
  • Mrode, R., Pritchard, T., Coffey, M. and Wall, E. (2012). Joint estimation of genetic parameters for test-day somatic cell count and mastitis in the United Kingdom, Journal of Dairy Science 95:4618-4628
  • Pritchard, T.C., Cahalan, C.M., and Ap Dewi, I. (2008). Association between PrP genotypes and performance traits in a Welsh Mountain flock. Animal 2: 1421-1426
  • Pritchard, T.C., Cahalan, C.M., and Ap Dewi, I (2008).  Exploration of cytoplasmic inheritance as a contributor to maternal effects in Welsh Mountain sheep.  Genetic, Selection, Evolution 40: 309-319